A central limit theorem for square ice


主讲人:吴炜 上海纽约大学副教授




主讲人介绍:Dr. Wei Wu is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at NYU Shanghai. Before joining NYU Shanghai, he held academic positions as an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick and a Courant Instructor at New York University. He works in probability, mathematical physics and partial differential equations, especially in Gibbs random fields, spin models, phase transitions and homogenization.

内容介绍:An important open question is to show that the height function associated with the square ice model (i.e., planar six vertex model with uniform weights), or equivalently the uniform graph homeomorphisms, converges to a continuum Gaussian free field In the scaling limit, I will review some recent results about this model, including that the single point height function, upon renormalization, converges to a Gaussian random variable.